Lock Upgrades Selby

Lock Upgrades Selby

Over time as locks are repeatedly used day by day, they begin to fail which is the perfect opportunity to have your locks upgraded on your property. Selby has seen a spike in burglaries over the past few years many of which could have been prevented if sufficient locks were installed on the properties we have attended. We can upgrade many types of locks including sash locks, uPVC locking mechanisms, window locks, garage locks, outbuilding locks. We can install anti-snap locks in Selby which to prevent potential burglars from entering your property via the lock-snapping method.

We have found that most properties (including new builds) tend to have low quality locks installed which not only pose a risk to break in but in some cases void the homeowners home insurance policy. Some insurers require a certain standard of lock to be installed on external doors for the policy to be valid. If a break in was to occur and sufficient locks were not installed on the property, then your insurer may not pay out on a claim for damages or loss of goods.

If you are not sure whether your locks on your home or business need upgrading, then contact The Selby Locksmith today for a free security survey, we will come and survey your property and identify where you can better improve your security and present you with options that suit your needs and budget. We will also fit high quality branded locks that meet British Standards.

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If you are interested in any of our domestic or commercial lock upgrades services, then please contact us today for a free no obligation quotation on 01757 251 057 or 07388 085 021