Lock Picking Methods for Gaining Entry

lock picking methods

lock picking methods

In the locksmith industry there are many reasons why we might turn to lock picking, the most common call outs we get is because people need help getting back into their house, there are many reasons behind people getting locked out of their property, lost or stolen keys or simply just closed the door behind them with the latch on and left the keys inside. Whatever the reason a good local locksmith will be able to quickly help them back into their properties without causing any damage to the existing locks or door by using one of a variety of lock picking methods.

Locksmiths require special tools to pick a lock that allow them to manipulate the different components within the lock and unlock the door without the use of a key. Any good locksmith will choose to pick a lock over drilling it as it allows them to gain entry to your property without causing any damage to the lock or door. If you speak to a locksmith and they say that they need to drill your lock it would be worth trying to find another locksmith that is able to pick it! There are some cases in which a lock must be drilled for example if it has been damaged and therefore cant be picked in which case it will require a new lock witch will cost the customer more, however a damaged lock would need replacing anyway.

The skill of lock picking has been around for centuries, in the 1700’s Robert Barron invented the one of the first locks, the double acting tumbler lock. It was after Barron gained the patent for his locks that the art of lock picking was discovered. Before this invention skeleton keys were used to open warded locks, they simply worked by bypassing the wards within the locks.

To successfully pick a lock you will need to use two tools, one to move the teeth within the lock and the other to apply pressure. Each component differs slightly in shape size and alignment which makes picking possible. Different types of locks will require a different method of lock picking.

Lock Picking Methods

There are many different lock picking methods out there after all there are many different types of locks! However, there are a few that are more commonly used than others which are:

Single Component Picking – A hook shaped in is used in this method to determine what order and position each component is in by finding the differences in each of the pins.

Raking – this method requires a rake shaped pick; these picks have been designed specifically to manipulate most if not all of the components within the lock simultaneously. It does this by distinguishing the different variations of each component and replicating a range of different key depths.

Comb Picks – The pick used in this method is called a pin tumbler. It is specifically designed to move each pin within the lock from their blocking position. This is achieved by pushing all the pins within the lock into the cylinder chambers and allowing the plug to then turn freely.

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